Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I did it!

This year, I set a goal to finally make edible homemade bread.

As you may recall, I tried to make bread last Thanksgiving, and it was so terrible I threw all three loaves away. Joel was not sad to see them go.

With much trepidation this snow holiday, I decided to try again. I took Martha Stewart's recipe from this month's issue (which also has lovely ideas for Valentine's Day-be still my beating heart!)

I didn't take pictures because my hands were completely covered in bread dough most of the time, but I'm not cheating you out of anything spectacular. My goal was to make edible bread. And it is, in fact, safe for consumption, while beautiful and delicious it is not. Part of the issue is that I made it with yucky brown whole wheat flour, instead of fluffy, white, nutrient-lacking all purpose flour. (My other goal was to maintain my weight, you know.) But I made two successful loaves that were quite tasty when paired with eggs this morning and homemade chicken salad for lunch.

I've also made granola bars, biscuits, Joel's birthday cake, and now some delish chili.

Other things I've done over this break: Continued reading Roxanna Slade and In Defense of Food, working on a talk I'm giving at youth group in a couple of weeks (gulp), and bought the EA Sports Active for the Wii. I've done two days of it, and suffice it to say that (as long as I do it everyday) I'll be reaching my health goal. But I doubt I'll be walking. That game has 'bout to' up my legs.

I also made a superbly cute and interactive flipchart for my math class. So I haven't totally forgotten my chosen profession the last few days.

It's exhausting to do this, but I must document it here if nowhere else. I am making a couple of other goals. I want to start running again. I'll run here and there (you know, once every other month), but I want to be able to say again without white-lying that I am a runner. I ran cross country and track in high school. I always came in last. But run everyday, I did. I know I can do it again, I just need some cute new running shoes....right?

The next goal makes me a little embarrassed, but considering I have already confessed to liking Party in the U.S.A. and Twilight, I'm sure you've already lost all respect for me. I want to start reading Harry Potter. Half of my students read it. My husband has read it through a few times. And I'm completely out of the loop. So once I'm finished with this post, I'm going to open the book. I've set this goal a few times, on long trips mostly, but have always deferred to some Clyde Edgerton book instead. Sorcerer's Stone has remained tattered from my travel bag but not dog-eared from actually reading it. I'm not sure I'll really understand what the big fuss is about. But I've said that before (haven't I, Edward Cullen?).

And lastly, everyone should go buy the Avett Brother's newest album, I and Love and You. There are songs on that album that are as a good as a kiss. I sincerely hope the hubs and I can go to Merlefest on May 2nd to see our new favorite band play.

Any predictions on school tomorrow? My guess is a 2-hour delay...the roads seem to be a lot clearer. And I wouldn't complain about sleeping in one last time :)