Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's the morning before my third day of third grade teaching and I think I've mostly planned the day.

I'm going in an hour early, just to be sure.

Last night we went to the hospital for Laura and little news yet but I can't wait!

Yesterday was our one month-iversary! We always forget important dates and one month isn't a huge deal, but Joel still surprised me at the door with flowers and Whole Foods chocolate! It meant so much to me.

I'll update with more news later!

Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school

Happy first day of school, Wake County-ites.

Mrs. Orr's day was ex-hausting. Fo' real. I came home and crashed on my couch. Everything hurt. Mostly because I wore nice shoes and hardly ever sat down. Eek.

My day wasn't so bad. I got to school at 7:15 which didn't seem nearly early enough to get all my stuff together. The first kid showed up before 8, but his mom works in the building. I had a word search on their desks of all the names in the classroom. The morning was actually insane with parents coming in and dropping off supplies and meeting new parents and oh my goodness did I remember all their names?

But the parents left and then the kids were super quiet. Super nervous, methinks.

I scrambled for quite a while to get all the kids to tell me how they were getting home. One student showed up who was not on my roster. One student was added last week and will be self-contained, but took quite a while in getting to my room. One girl cried in the middle of my name game because she was scared (eek) and I also called her by the wrong name (oops). She's new to our school...I know that feeling completely, friend.

We went over some boring procedures in the morning and took a tour of the school and let me tell you what we will do tomorrow...practice walking in the hallway some more.

I dropped them off at PE halfway through the morning, and truthfully, I was thankful for the break. I won't have specials for the next two days. It was a short break, though, but I picked them up and we went over MORE procedures, labeled folders (which was much harder than I had expected), and then went to lunch. Of course, I 1) went down the wrong stairwell and 2) forgot their lunch numbers in my room upstairs, so I had to leave them with another teacher while the principal was hanging out in the cafeteria and run upstairs to get them. We were in the lunch line for about 20 minutes because of the backup of classes-so many kids without money and lunch numbers.

We finally got into the cafeteria and I wolfed down a tuna sandwich and some raisins, and then it was time to line up (15 minutes late).

Back in the classroom, I read Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and most were engaged. One even laughed, although when I was a kid I thought crazy Ramona was hilarious. My, how times have changed.

I had them write down their hopes and dreams (a real struggle for some and a breeze for others-the diversity of abilities in my class is stunning). Then we went over some MORE procedures because I was terrified that someone was going to home on the wrong bus. One kid threw up (thankfully, in the bathroom). One kid was hit in the eye during PE and it still hurt in the afternoon. The principal was by my room and took them both. I had to send three kids to the office who didn't know how they were getting home.

I ended up giving a little sheet of getting to know you-yes, homework, and they all think I'm mean, I think. Oh well. It was really a fun sheet.

We went outside (hot) for about 20 minutes and then had to run back in time for dismissal. Oh yes, we also were too loud in the hallway and got chastised. By an admin. Eek. Tomorrow, we are going to make sure that we practice freaking walking again.

Overall, I think the day was ok. I'm wearing some comfy clothes tomorrow. Flip flops. It's happening.

In other news, little GE whirlpool hasn't made her debut, and L-Cat Robinson is really antsy. We're hoping she can be induced tonight and then have her little cutie by tomorrow's girls' night!
Please pray for Grace Elizabeth and also my kids. I've got some with some issues at home and in life and in school and I just want to have a good classroom community.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Teacher Workdays!

Well, it's 7:15 on my third day of workdays. Joel has work now too, so I feel like we're getting into the swing of things. It's so busy! We both had good days yesterday, and I went home to get some more things for my classroom. I talked to my parents for a while and got some yummy cake from my mom, and I came home to Joel making a delicious dinner-blackened chicken and fried green tomatoes. We had to buy things for school after dinner, and then we came back and worked on school stuff. I baked cookies for my grade level team but they didn't turn out so well, so I don't think I'll take them in. I spent a long time picking out an outfit for Meet the Teacher night (today), practiced my introductions with Joel (who laughed at me) and read through all the profile cards of my students. I can tell it's going to be a busy year, but we're really motivated, so I know it's going to be so rewarding.

In other news-Laura's little girl isn't here yet but I can't wait! Maybe tonight at girls night???

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It has been quite a while since I posted, and I was waiting to post with pictures, but I'm having some trouble getting wedding shots on here. So a written post will have to do.

I'll start with the wedding: It was wonderful. Really and truly, I loved everything about it. I loved that it was simple and laid back. I loved that so many friends and family were involved. I loved my dress! I had to get significant alterations on it, and I was worried, but thank the Lord, it was perfect. My brother and I got to spend so much time together. The rehearsal dinner the night before was beautiful and so special. Joel's family did such a great job. Our wedding pictures are amazing. To see them, you can go to, click on client galleries, and the code is A172dmjow. I loved the time of the wedding, too, because from what I hear, all our friends had all night to go out!

Our honeymoon was very relaxing. We went to Charleston and it is such a great place to vacation. We had a wonderful time.

Our honeymoon has been extended in a way because we had two weeks before workdays started. We've really enjoyed spending time together setting up house, working out, cooking real meals, and spending time with our families.

I love being married. I love the freedom that we can enjoy just being together all the time. We are best friends. We're getting to know each other more and learning how to love each other. We start workdays this week, so our schedule will change significantly from eating three meals a day together to fitting in one, but we're both looking forward to this school year!