Friday, September 25, 2009

Spent up is right

The past two days have been incredibly busy! I still love my class, but my goodness, if they don't learn our routines (that we practice DAILY and reinforce positively and negatively DAILY) I might go crazy. It's a serious possibility. It's a good thing they are cute as buttons and crack me up.

Anyway, behavior isn't the problem, it's my desire for a T.A. :) I would love a personal secretary, but alas, I can't hire one. My frustration this week has come from every else's immediate deadlines and the fact that I feel so pressed for time anyway, even 5 minutes to fill out a form is hard to find. Well, maybe 5 minutes to fill out one form is ok, but after dozens of such requests, I just can't find the time. My planning period is spent, well, PLANNING and I rarely have time to turn in field trip money right away or fill out class ranking forms before they are due. I'm not sure how teachers who always "have it together" do it. I wonder if I'll ever get there!

I find myself, on this cloudy, rainy Friday afternoon very sleepy and a little sick. Joel is feeling the same way. I came home and ate french fries. And I don't feel a lick of guilt.

This is our date night and this is our schedule:

Catching up on the Office, Community, and Glee.
Eating lots of comfort food.
Falling asleep when most people are heading out on Friday night.

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Rita Dita said...

Those teachers that "have it together" must be lacking in other areas of their life... because you could never do the grading, the paperwork, the evaluations, the bulletin boards, the parent meetings, the staff meetings, oh yeah, and planning lessons that are full of innovative teaching strategies, in the time we are given. You'd have to come in early, stay late, and take work home. I think it's okay to do your best then leave it at that. At the end of the day, there's always "one more thing" that could be done. Love you... and I think you rock!!!