Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas break thus far

Joel and I had a great Christmas together, celebrating with both of our families. Joel got me a new camera, so now my posts will contain pictures! I'm very excited about this.

With some gift cards, I decided to buy a sewing machine. I've been wanting to learn how to sew for a while, and I'm really hoping I don't stink at this...
It took me a whole afternoon to figure out how to thread it. I'm not claiming to be great at following directions. How-to manuals often make me want to rip my hair out. Especially when you have to thread this medieval looking contraption which, by the way, I completely disassembled without realizing how unnecessary that was.
So after a couple of hours of fiddling, I was finally able to practice some stitching.
And I made some totally useless... napkins?

The rest of the break has been really relaxing. I've only got one day left on the Beth Moore Esther study, which makes me extremely sad.
Joel and I have been continuing our tradition of watching Lord of the Rings, a very dorky but very fun annual event at Christmas.
I've been working my tail off on the Wii Fit. Joel likes to laugh at me on the skiing game because my affinity for overcompensating is, apparently, hilarious.
I picked up a couple of new books from the library, including some interesting books about autism, and I've been catching on my Discovery Health shows.
We saw Invictus and The Blind Side and I ran out of tissues.
I've tried some new recipes: cornbread stuffing, green bean and cheddar casserole, and caramel apple pie. Mmmm... thank goodness for the Wii Fit!

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