Sunday, August 15, 2010

Need grocery help!

I know so many of you are coupon masters! I talked with a good friend yesterday (Thanks Mary Kate) and am so inspired again to figure out this grocery thing. The thought of being able to save hundreds is so exciting...but I'm really unsure with how to get started.
Here are my concerns:
1) Does anyone have a coupon for the Sunday paper? Or do you know how I can find one?
2) Do you shop at one grocery store a week? I doubt I have time to shop at more than Target and one other store...I definitely don't want to store hop!
3) Do you still eat healthy foods?
4) How long did it take you to really start saving money?
5) How did you organize all your coupons? And where do you get them?

Please help!!

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Amanda Septien said...

hello! have you ever heard of the grocery it does ALL of what you mentioned FOR YOU! you do have to pay a small monthly fee, but it's SO worth it when you can get hundreds of $ worth of food for like $30. :) take a peek - it's worth a shot! my friends LOVE it!