Friday, November 05, 2010

Sick day

There's been a fatigue-inducing cold swirling around our house this week, so I'm home sick for the day. My plans for today at school were to make landforms with play-doh, use Google Earth, have a good family meeting...but colds always settle in my throat, and yesterday I just lost my voice. It's pretty tough to manage kids without a voice. That and a tummy ache were enough for me to take the day off. I'm so glad I did, although I always feel a twinge of guilt when I take the day off. But... I got to sleep for a whole 10 hours. What an amazing feeling!

I'm just really hoping I can go out for a couple of hours tonight for Cornhuskin'! Tomorrow is a big day: the magnet fair, a friend in town for the weekend, and Meredith's birthday! Praying that I can shake this dumb cold and get back to busy-ness :)

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