Friday, March 11, 2011

A sweet blessing

It's Friday. I have suffered through a humiliating step class in an effort to try new things. (I am truly the most uncoordinated person on the planet.) Joel had a rough afternoon at the gym as well (praying that he didn't re-injure his knee!).

We decide it's time for cupcakes.

First, however, we must get gas. Nobody wants to run out of gas on the way to delicious dessert.

At the gas station, Joel pumps the gas and, when the pump abruptly stops at $20, realizes someone has prepaid at the pump and didn't ever get their gas. He goes inside to tell the attendant, and I am so proud, because it would have been incredibly easy to drive away with free gas. He gets it all sorted out and the attendant thanks him for his "truthfulness."

Fantastic! Onward to cupcakes!

I have been looking forward to this new cupcake shop for weeks.

But as we drive up to the too-empty parking lot, we slowly realize that Gigi's is closed. Our hearts sink as we start to walk up to the door to check the hours.

Don't lose hope, though, friends. This story gets better.

The owner of the shop happens to be driving away just as we are approaching the shop. He sees our visible heartbreak (more accurately, my foot stomping) and hails us toward his car. He reaches behind his passenger seat and pulls out a box of cupcakes.

No joke. For free. We do not have cash. Just immense gratitude.

I think I clapped my hands in excitement the whole way home.

Tonight, I am acutely aware of how much I have to be thankful for. And tonight, I will thank the Lord for cupcakes.

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Kathleen said...

yummmmmm!! i almost clapped just reading about it!