Friday, February 06, 2009


Three of my four conferences this week struck fear in me...but now they are over, and only one was mildly frustrating.

I don't even think I want to reflect on this week, but I will, briefly. There were some low and high points. Mostly, I'm trying to connect with some kids that have fallen behind. It's been nice to work on those relationships. I've had to make some tough decisions because I had to consider my entire class' needs. It's hard to have "tough love" and finally say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I need to work on leaving school at school and not bringing it home.

Joel and I have spend a lot of good time together this week. We might go see a movie tonight, too :)

I think we are eating healthier. I'm trying to do those things that we should do all the time, anyway. Eat brown carbs not white carbs. Fill 2/3 of the plate with veggies. Eat lean protein. Include good dairy products. My biggest weakness is dessert. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. My brother gave me some organic truffles last week, so I'm indulging in those. They are dark chocolate, so that's better, right?

Well, it's Friday. I'm watching Wife Swap, eating a truffle, and maybe I'll take a nap before I make a HEALTHY dinner.

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