Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quick updates...

...It's been a while.

* I finished report cards last week, and that is why I was so swamped. This past weekend I threw a birthday party for Joel, helped my brother move in in Fayetteville, and threw and impromptu Super Bowl party. Hence, the lack of updates.

*Conferences start this week. I always am fearful that parents will find something completely wrong with my classroom. This week, it may happen.

* I really did not enjoy my profession today. I cried at the end of the day and sometimes I wonder why I didn't chose an easier profession, like ER surgeon or SWAT team member. Just kidding. I know I am called to be a teacher, but if tomorrow is anything like today I just don't want to go. I am praying for strength.

* Joel and I are spending more time together. It's really easy to have people over to our house all the time, and I love it, but we need to be intentional about carving out time for ourselves. It's been going really well.

* I am thinking about buying more organic food. I'm trying to lose weight so eating more veggies is a must, and I LOVE going to the farmer's market. I'm thinking the next step is dairy/meat products.

* I really am discontent about my wardrobe. I really have a lack of professional clothing. Joel says so too. Maybe that can change ;)

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