Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lists lists lists

We are leaving for Turkey in less than a week! I am a little nervous because:
1) I don't know the language.
2) We only have an hour layover in Madrid. That includes going through customs. We are trying to get a later flight out but we're not sure if we can.
3) When we get back, I'll only have about a month left of summer. I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to school!

I am super thankful because:
1) We actually have the opportunity to do this!
2) We will meet up with lots of friends while there.
3) We have had the blessing of some odd jobs this summer for spending money.
4) We're both over our horrible colds and feeling great.
5) We're going to eat some awesome food :)

Please pray for:
1) Smooth and safe travel-our layover in Madrid, luggage issues, etc.
2) Our ability to communicate with people.
3) That we would be a blessing to the missionaries there and help them with what they need.
4) That Joel and I would grow closer!

I am working with a small child with autism this summer-love the family and I love my job! I am also continuing to tutor this summer. It's really nice to have part time work; I still feel like it's summer but I'm not wasting my time.

This weekend I'm back to the beach with some friends, so I think I'll be back to making-ahead lots of meals. Any ideas for good recipes?

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