Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enjoying summer!

So far, although I've been a sniffly wreck for a week, I have LOVED summer :) I could get used to this. For real.

I am enjoying:
-blueberry and strawberry season
-beach trips
-having time to clean my house
-sleeping a full 8 hours
-summertime walking
-reading books
-part-time jobs

I finally went to the doctor today, but she said it was just a bad cold. I guess I knew that, I just wanted a prescription for Tussex. Is that bad? That stuff tastes like candy, wipes away a cough, and actually lets you sleep through the night. Oh well. I just hope I am not yucky this weekend, because I'm going to the beach with the girls :) Can't wait! I made these WW friendly blueberry muffins for our trip-they are made with sour cream!

They aren't super sweet, thanks to that weird healthy eating strategy of Not Eating 4 Cups of Sugar at a time, but they are pretty good.

I love summertime :)

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