Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Don't hate...

....but both of us having 2 whole months off is awesome. Honestly, this is the very first summer since 7th grade that I haven't worked in some way, and while I realize I am quite young...it feels like a much deserved break. Joel and I have learned some things about how we spend time off, and it's pretty different. He's the type to work out at the gym for three straight hours and then veg for the rest of the day. I, on the other hand, maintain a constant state of low-intensity activity (tidying up the house, running errands, starting projects, etc) while managing to not find enough time for a workout that lasts longer than an hour :) We're pretty glad, though, that we talked through this different early on this vacation. It's one of those conversations you never have to have until you're in the same house together for weeks on end.
Our current summer hobbies include:
-DVDs of Psych
-Watching the World Cup
-Hanging out by the pool and going to the gym
-Perusing Hunt and Gather, our favorite antique store
-Shopping at the Farmer's Market
-Laughing a lot.

I've been trying to plan ahead for the school year, especially by thinking through some ideas I had about how to improve writing instruction in my classroom. Do any other teachers just get dragged down by writing? I am a HUGE fan of teaching science and social studies-the kids' questions seem to guide most of our lessons and I have a high interest in the material. Math is hands-on, for the most part, and can move at a quicker pace. Even reading is enjoyable, because students can choose their own books, and I love modeling with my favorite read-alouds. But so many of my students last year hated writing, and I found myself 1) baffled by their writing dilemmas and 2) bored out of my mind with the constant conferences. So I'm trying something new this year, hoping to integrate the writing instruction in more of the other subjects that are high interest. I'll keep you posted.

So in summary, I am super thankful for our vacation together. I'm thankful for this time that the Lord has given to rest and relax, but also to gear up for another year of teaching and to strengthen our marriage. His timing really is perfect, isn't it?

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