Sunday, March 22, 2009

Missing my hubs (this is mushy...beware)

So one really not fun thing about Joel's surgery is that he has to sleep in the guest room. He can't roll over on to his knee, and he has to sleep flat on his back. We have a big bed, so we decided he'd have to sleep in the smaller bed that is up against the wall so he wasn't tempted to move. I've set him up with some pillows to keep his leg elevated and immobile, and put his meds, phone, water, and remote control all within reach.

I have friends who think this is really odd that we do this, but whenever one of us is sick, we move to the other room for a day or so. It's basically so we don't get each other sick and then get a "ping-pong" cold (as my dad calls it) and so we can each get a really good night's sleep. When I'm sick, I am always extremely worried about waking Joel up with my coughing or sneezing, so that is what keeps me up. I think we both survive colds well so far because of this strategy.

Trust me, we don't do this when we're angry :)

So it's not unusual for us to sleep in separate rooms, but we both hate it. Last night, I guess I was feeling emotional about this weekend. It's been extremely busy and we haven't spent a lot of time together. That and going to bed alone...well, I was being a very mushy girl about the whole thing. I pulled open my drawer and took out the many letters Joel wrote to me when we were broken up.

We both agree that we really needed that time...that the Lord grew us so much in that year. But it was definitely hard. Joel wrote me a letter everyday for about a month.

Rereading those words and remember all those raw emotions at that time... I needed a hug.

So I went into the guest room and surprised my hubbie with a big kiss and a hug. I interrupted a basketball game but I don't think he minded :)

Today I am taking off the dressing from the surgery. It might be pretty gross. I'm not excited.

But I AM excited about having my hubs here to snuggle with again!

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Daniel and Robin said...

So...I had to tell you that Daniel (my husband) and I did this after reconstructive surgery to his knee (they actually had to break his leg to do that!!)and we also go to the other bedroom when one of us is sick...we get criticized a lot but it makes a world of difference when we aren't "ping-pong-ing" the illness back and forth! I know it's stalker-ish but I wanted you to know that I think this is normal and I even suggest it to couples when they are sick!!

Hope Joel gets feeling better soon and that you don't worry about things too much in the meantime!