Monday, March 02, 2009

Neverending to do list

Happy snow day! I went to sleep last night thinking we'd have a 2-hour delay, but woke up to discover that school was cancelled. While I am very sad about a shorter spring break, it was nice to have a day off. I went in around 12:30 and spent the entire afternoon filing papers. I feel more organized (something I resolved to be last night at small group) but I still feel like I have a million things to do this week.

-catch up on reading for my 5 reading groups
-fill out retension paperwork for 8 students
-track down parents who have to come in for retension conferences THIS WEEK
-prepare for a Student Support Team meeting tomorrow and somewhat look like I know what I'm doing
-make math groups for the week
-prepare for tutoring tomorrow

And that's just tonight!

I am so glad I got to clean up today. It will make life so much easier next year now that all my papers are filed. But I wish there were about 10 more hours in the day and I was 10x as focused to get everything finished!

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