Sunday, March 01, 2009

Really, it's the simple things.

I've been discouraged lately as a teacher. I see my classroom community becoming very unpleasant as some behavior issues are getting worse and I'm not the teacher I want to be. It seems like I can never get it all done. If I'm ahead in grading, I'm behind in planning. If I have a great conversation with this child, this other child feels ignored. I had hoped to be in a different place by this point in my first year, but it seems some days like I'm back at square one. It seems like taking one day at a time was great advice in August, but it's now March, and I need to plan ahead more. It's really easy to get down about teaching in general, but I know all is not lost.

So this afternoon, I'm dedicating this post to the simple things I appreciate in life.

First, my new favorite Girl Scout cookies given to me by my dear mum. I will be sure to purchase more from the Girl Scout in my class. Yum :)

Joel got this for his birthday from his mom:

Of course, I've been eyeing this at Ten Thousand Village for months. So I think it was a gift for the both of us ;)

I love this little girl, and I hope Laura doesn't mind that I put this picture up. It just makes me laugh every single time I see it, mostly because I feel the same way about squash.

Joel makes me laugh. He's a reason why. This is "wolfie" under the Philip Rivers football helmet I gave him for a wedding present while Philip Rivers is on TV.

Southern food. I love it. So it gets to go on the blog. Friday's dinner: chicken, collards, and sweet potato casserole. Joel's famous sweet tea is not pictured.

Hm. I feel much better now that we've had this talk.

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The Robinsons said...

oh I'm so glad my little one made it on your simple things post! She is honored and only a little embarrassed at her lack of table manners, her mama taught her better!