Monday, June 15, 2009


If you didn't notice my drastic haircut I got this weekend scroll down to see it!

The hubs see my new hair. He is definitely a fan of long hair, and while 3 years ago I used to have this long, flowing hair that he loved, I think something in my hair changed because I have never been able to get it back to that. So I decided, for summer, to chop it all off. I think he's warming up to it, although he did think I looked like Hillary Clinton in a ball cap.

(I had to agree. We laughed. The State hat is going in the closet for a while...)
Last night he looked at me finally and said, "I like your haircut!"

Thanks, babe. :)

Anyway, we had a really good weekend. We met up with the young adults/singles/under 30s group downtown on Saturday night, and we had a blast. We ate great Mexican food (I stayed within my points) and I'm really glad we found a group that is in a similar stage as we are. On Sunday, I got to have great time with Sarala, who I am mentoring for confirmation. We are reading Case for Christ together, and while I've read the book before it is really helpful to strengthen my foundation.

My brother helped me go shopping for a going-to-a-wedding dress for next weekend. He is in the army, strong as an ox, and likes really attractive girls, but the boy can shop. He is always dressed in the finest, so it seemed fitting for me to call him up to help me shop. We did find a super cute safari-type dress at JCrew but it was a little (lot) out of my price range. And not really wedding appropriate. C'est la vie.

Joel and I met back up to go to small group (super fun) and it was one of those times when I could clearly see the Lord working in my life. I had just become very overwhelmed about answering some deep spiritual questions for a couple of people in my life. I felt impatient, like I wanted to spell it all out for them in one meeting. I also felt really inept, like I didn't have the most concise, clear answers for their questions.
So in small group, we talked about getting to know Jesus, and how the first disciples had just a little bit of faith and Jesus gave them just bits and pieces about Himself at a time. We realized that even towards the end of Jesus' earthly ministry, the disciples still didn't know everything about Him. They still had questions and misunderstandings. I know the Lord was speaking to me and my heart was set at ease. He'll reveal Himself to them, and my job is just to walk with them, day by day, and allow Him to speak through me. What a good word.

Currently, it's 9:20. I planned on being at work an hour ago. I still have to do ALL of my cumulative folders. But it's summer, and there's no rush. I woke up late, kissed the hubs who will still sleep until who knows when, and enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee.

Bueno, que tengas un lindo dia. (As mi papa would say!)

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