Friday, June 19, 2009

What a weird week...

So I've been holed up in my bedroom until noon everyday, only to finally get up and plop down on the couch for hours with a Coke Zero, lozenges, and Lean Pockets. I feel like a college student again.

Yes, this most recent bout with the incurable rhinovirus has left my brain a mushy mess (blame it on the acetaminophen which we only have in the PM variety). I've seen so much TV, the lines between reality and television drama are blurred at best. Last night, I even enjoyed The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, chuckling, "Oh, those Yankees aren't that bad." Perish the thought.

The hubs has been very supportive, watching reruns of Gilmore Girls and buying lots of Lean Cuisines so I don't have to cook at all. He's driven me to Target three times, making sure to stay an arms length away from me at all times. Yes, we've slept apart the past few nights, as I am quarantined on the queen bed. Despite his best efforts, he is currently sniffling and has a weird pink eye...I feel terrible.

Today, on our most recent trip to Target (I finally bought that underwear), I looked at Joel and said, "I feel like we're in a long distance relationship." The most shocking part-we walked by the chocolate aisle, and even with the shiny "price reduced" signs, I was not in the least bit tempted. Who am I?

So I called in sick to babysitting today and have to skip a rehearsal dinner for the lovely couple-Mary Kate and Jayson who are getting hitched tomorrow. I plan on driving to the wedding tomorrow. While I feel very sad to not be able to spend the weekend with the wonderful Meredith girls, I'd be a terrible guest to cough, snore, and blow my nose through the night with a bunch of other people in the room. Sexy just left.

Let's be honest. It's just a cold, but I'll take any excuse to sit on our couch for as many hours as I would have spent last week at my full-time job.

Welcome to summer.

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