Thursday, June 04, 2009

End of year survey

I decided to take another teacher's idea and ask my kids to write some answers to these questions:
1) What was your favorite activity this year?
2) What advice or warning would you give to next year's third graders?
3) What was your least favorite activity this year?
4) What do you think you learned this year?

Here are some of the responses to the advice/warning question:

-Don't be afraid of the EOGs because if you take your time it is easy. Enjoy what you can and listen really well!!!
-I would tell the new third graders not to freak out on tests. (This was written by a student with text anxiety).
-I would say that you will learn a lot and that you are going to act like you went to Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd you can't be lazy on anything you have to work very hard and then after all that you go to EOGs but dont wory you can do it.
-Get ready to have quizzes all the time.
-There are EOGs but they are not too hard. If you listen all year you will do fine. If you do not pay attention you may not do too well. But they should be stuff you know. Do your best on them. -Try hard.
-My advice is Don't talk back to the teachers because you will go to the office if you do.
-Don't have an attitude or talk back to the teacher or you will get in trouble. Trust me. I know. (She sure does!)
-Do not act up!!!
-Have a good time while in third grade.

I am thankful for the endearing answers. They remind me that they're just a bunch of kids. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that.

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