Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday sweets

With a lot of anxiety about my dad, school ending, and my job next year, I'm thankful for:

-Babysitting last night. I got to watch the Kentucky Derby with the parents (they were running late) and get paid for it. The girls were freaking adorable. Por ejemplo: Ellie (the youngest) was looking at her baby doll in her pretend stroller saying, "OOOOH, she's just ABEARable!" I kept trying to tell her it was "adorable" but she would hear nothing of it. When I put Hallie to bed, she prayed, "Thank you, Jesus, for our house and our toothpaste and our toothbrush and our eyes and nose. Amen."

-Joel and I had a devotion together on our new lawn chairs on the deck. The honeysuckle is in bloom and it was lovely.

-I have discovered a love of grapefruit.

-I lost 3 pounds this week!

-I went to visit my dad and had lunch with my mom and brother.

-I made a strawberry pie. I'm looking forward to fried green tomatoes and chutney from the farmers market tomorrow, courtesy of the hubs.

-We're about to go to small group. I'm going to visit my dad after.

-Joel is planning something for our anniversary in 3 months. Holy cannoli, I can't wait to find out what it is!

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Kelsi said...

Fried green tomatoes are one of my absolute favs!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful Sunday :)

Did you get the email/invite for my new blog? I made it private.