Saturday, May 02, 2009

Health news

I realized this week that the big things in my week all revolve around health issues, thus the post title.
1) Joel is off his crutches! We are both extremely excited that he's able to do things like cook dinner, go shopping, and do laundry with more ease. Ok, maybe I'm the one that's most excited ;) Really though, he's able to do more now, although his knee is still really stiff and it's been a while since he's worked those muscles. But it's only a matter of time before we're running at the lake again!

2) WW is going well. This week seemed better. I split up my flex points throughout the week, which made things more manageable. I have still been working out, although I took the last couple of days off...oops! I fell asleep twice this week while watching tv, which is rare. Sometime I'm not so good at sleeping a full 8 hours.

3) My dad is having some health problems. Without going into details, please pray. It's been stressful on our family. Just pray for peace, especially for my mom, and recovery for him.

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Kelsi said...

That is wonderful news about you (i.e. WW) and Joel!! I am starting with a personal trainer on Monday ... ahhh so nervous but excited so we will have to compare notes on working out! I am praying for your family ...

Miss you!