Sunday, May 24, 2009

When you can't travel quite yet, you find other ways to satisfy the bug...

For me, this means lots of trips to Whole Foods. Our meals today:

Panko crusted tilapia with a potato casserole (with yucca, purple potatoes, olives, a yams)-made by my awesome brother. It was his take on a Peruvian dish (papa a la huancaina). This was waaay too many points but delicious.
This isn't what our dish looked like, but you've got to try the real thing. It's amazing.

Our dinner was amazing (and only 6 points!)

Chicken and Coconut Curry

Chicken, light coconut milk, Thai red curry paste, red peppers, scallions, carrots, coriander and cumin....mmm.....delicious!

Joel is currently enjoying Manchego cheese (from Spain...I convinced him to buy it) and bread. He didn't love the curry so much.

For now, it's making me not as heartsick. I'm not trying to be dramatic but I might cry for months if we don't go somewhere soon. Kidding. I had no intentions of eating such pretentious food today, but don't worry. Tomorrow we'll be back to our normal American fare. For today, however, I'll allow myself this bit of snobbishness.

ce' magnifique

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