Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things I am over:

1) EOG testing. It ended yesterday, and I am glad for that.
2) This "decade" of weight. I am ready to move down now! Any second now!
3) Straight up drama in my classroom. I've really over it.

Por ejemplo:
A girl in my class has recently had a lot of trouble being respectful. She is trying her very best to call me out on anything I do that she seems to not like. It's ridiculous, but a little comical. Case in point:
Yesterday, she had a big ol' chip on her shoulder. I passed out our reading activity for the day. When she got her paper, she smacked her lips, shot her hand up, and said, "Mrs. Orr! My paper got copied upside down!" I just sort of stared at her, utterly speechless. She, still slightly defiant, didn't understand why I quietly asked her, "What?"

And then, she turned her paper around.

And it was one of those moments where I could have said, "OK NOW do you realize that you're not always right? NOW are we clear on who is in charge here?" But instead, I just laughed and winked at her.

But I'm not a better person for that, because here I am blogging about it.

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