Thursday, January 07, 2010

I've been thinking about them anyway...

I've made lots of goals lately and really don't want to call them resolutions, but Kelsi did it so I must too.

I will learn to sew a sundress.

I will cook more vegetables in a way that I'll actually enjoy them.

I will let my students be kids more often.

I will maintain my weight, and I'll be ok with where I am.

I will go to BELIZE and take lots of pictures!

I will not commit to anything and everything because somebody asks me, and I won't feel guilty for saying "no."

I will support the hubs more in his love of writing, even if that means more time with him mentally "checked out."

I will try really hard to understand football.

I will read more fiction, and allow myself to be swept up in a novel. I will think it's ok to read and not learn a new fact all the time.

I will not force myself to like sushi, indie music, or Sundance films. I will accept the fact that I like Miley Cyrus, and you will too.


Kelsi said...

i most definitely rock out and sign a bit too loudly to miley cyrus!

Kelsi said...

sing ... not sign. maybe i should make learning to sign one of my resolutions!