Monday, January 18, 2010

A long weekend musing

Our "staycation" has ended and here is my report:

We headed over to the Renaissance around 5:30 and felt superbly fancy when we turned on the T.V. that is in the bathroom mirror, but promptly turned it off when a basketball game came up. No sports on a staycay.

After running an errand at Target (come on, it had to happen), we started looking for dinner places. And something about a $30 entree that I couldn't pronounce made me feel nervous, so we walked to the Hot Point Cafe and enjoyed: lasanga (his), a Thai curry salad (hers), and a fabulous server who we chatted with for a while (with whom we chatted-the hubs is an English teacher.) I highly recommend this place. 'Tis delish.

We saw Sherlock Holmes, but I fell asleep in the middle of it, on account of me feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. I'd seen it before, so I awoke happily to find I had missed my least favorite part of the movie. I'm not a big fan of fight scenes.

We had a great date night, but then the hubs forgot his sleeping meds and I had a cold, so I wouldn't say we were well rested at morning light. Exhausted and a bit cranky, we headed home early in the morn, forgoing our planned breakfast in favor of a 4 hour couch-sitting marathon.

Our mutual agreement: we enjoyed the dinner and a movie, but we'll do this again in the summer (when I'm not around sick children) and when he brings a sleeping pill.

But I felt better around 5, so after washing my hands several times I made:

-roasted tomato pasta with sausage

-carrot, raisin, and banana whole wheat muffins

-cheddar and sage biscuits

Thanks, Martha Stewart, for these fab recipes.

On an unrelated note, JACK BAUER IS BACK!

I stayed up too late for the 2-hour season premiere. I am currently welcoming back another few months of feeling paranoid everytime a helicopter flies overhead, but I have made this decision: I will DVR each episode and watch it during the afternoon. Otherwise I will start off the week having stayed up late for Jack and not be able to sleep because some mole in the government will assasinate the prime minister of a fictional country. 24 makes it hard to separate reality from awesomeness.

OK everyone: go enjoy 60 degree weather!

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