Sunday, January 03, 2010

Why I Love Vacation

-Sleeping in. How is it that we function so much better on a 1am-10am sleep schedule?
-Reading. Being able to check out books from the library and actually read them, in addition to having time to casually flip through magazines is just priceless.
-Quality time and alone time. Having the whole day free means being able to spend time with Joel and do my "solitary" hobbies: cooking, reading, and, most recently, sewing.
-Not preparing for anything. Normally, weekends revolve around catch-up cleaning, sleeping, and friend time, as well as preparing meals, laundry and plans for the upcoming week. So vacation is nice because I don't have to prepare for anything.
-Renewal. I love that I can spend lots of time walking around the lake, starting a new Bible study, and napping. Oh, napping.

But...I am ready for school to start tomorrow. I'm comfortable in a routine, and I'm looking forward to seeing my class and getting started on some new ideas.

I have a bunch of new books to dig through with my class during reader's workshop. I also have some new writing/reading interventions to implement that I think will be helpful. And math...I'd love to have a math center that students can use during free time. I have a classroom library and a writing center that my students use a lot, so I'd like to give them another option.

I think if the only thing I'm really not looking forward to is waking up early, life is pretty good :)

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