Monday, September 29, 2008


Yesterday was fabulous. We went to the gym first thing in the morning (I never thought I'd go to the gym at 8:30 on a Sunday morning but it's become a regular part of our schedule). We went to Sunday School and church, and then had lunch with my parents. We worked on Crown Homework all afternoon and then went to Crown. After, we got to shoot baskets in the church parking lot :)

It just was a great day. When I thought about being married before I thought about days like this. Not huge romance, but simple things that we got to do together that grew us closer to the Lord and to each other.

But my goodness-today I am tired!

I tried the "conference" idea. I announced it in the morning, and by lunch, nobody had signed up. But in the afternoon, six kids signed up! So during independent reading, I called kids to a table, and I told them they could tell me anything they wanted. I even got to talk to a couple of kids that I normally don't get to talk to.

This evening I was swamped with work so Joel (sweet hubs) cooked us dinner.

We're watching Seinfeld and then it's lights out early in the Orr household!

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