Monday, September 08, 2008

Week 3...and GO!

I am now in my third week of teaching. It's still odd to think they are my class. I know that being a teacher holds so much responsibility. I just want them to learn, desperately. I want them to do well in school. Tonight was open house night so I got to meet some parents and give information about my class. It was a little intimidating but I think I did ok.

My day has gone like this: Wake up at 6, get to work by 7, faculty meeting after school, clean up room before open house, open house ends at 7:30, run to the grocery to get things we forgot yesterday, and come home, send out some thank you notes, work on school things, make my lunch, go to bed.


It's a very busy schedule sometimes!

People keep asking me: How's married life? And sometimes I have heard some say it doesn't feel very different, but I disagree. Married life is so different from dating or engaged life. For one, there is much more responsibility to each other and just a grown up. The companionship all the time is a huge difference and a blessing. I love being married. I could write more but I will go to bed now and try write more later....

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