Sunday, September 21, 2008

This book and this song...I feel like the Lord is speaking to me. I keep thinking-I just want to GO...but maybe I just feel like that would make me "feel better." I have a's in my classroom. I told Joel yesterday that I know when I have days in which I teaching unto the Lord and days when I am being selfish. I used to really struggle with my choice to be a teacher. I thought because I was a Christian, I had to do something "churchy." Like if I wanted to teach, I should teach Sunday School or teach in a private Christian school. But Christians are called all over to be the salt and light. I have really forgotten that lately, settling into the work environment. But He's calling me to really fight for my kids and glorify Him with my words, actions, and motives. Am I teaching so that I can get a bonus for good EOG scores, or is it because I want my kids to have as many opportunities as they can? Is it because I want to impress my principal or because I want these kids to be able to read to their kids, to have more doors opened for them than were opened for their parents, to be able to make wise decisions in life and provide for their families? It's just absurd how selfish I can get.

In other news, Jennifer Kromhout, our photographer, gave us our wedding prints today. I love them! We are so thankful for her. Please check out!

And this is our wedding song:

I love we went to the Farmer's Market and bought lots of produce (and some bakery items :)) and now Joel is watching football and I'm listening to Jon good.

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