Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Praise the Lord!

So since before the wedding, my car has smelled like burning.

This is very troubling to Joel and me.

But after the wedding, straight away, we had to get my brakes fixed. So we waited until this month.

Today, I took my car to the Ridgewood gas station next to Whole Foods. And praise the Lord, it was just a few loose bolts and a leak. They tightened it all and only charged me $20! He said if it still smells in a week to bring it back and they'll change the gasket. Joel and I are SO happy because the mechanic was honest. He could have charged me for the gasket ($100) without trying to just tighten the bolts. Also, even with the changed gasket, it was less than we had budgeted and for that we are PUMPED.

Today I didn't get to any conferences, but I didn't have a planning period so I was running around a lot trying to prep for the next lesson.

Tomorrow we have a speaker coming in to teach us about soil. I've heard it's a really cool presentation, which is great because the one thing I have learned is that I love teaching science! (Nerd, I know.)

We had some ups and downs today but for the most part, I got through it.

I have some free time tonight to take a walk and make a yummy dinner. And lesson plan, of course :)

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