Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fabulous Fall Festivities

Sunday afternoon Joel and I went to the Farmer's Market and for under $20 we got:
apples, tomatoes, glass bottles sodas, peppers, pastries, and garlic. SO awesome. We love love love going there to spend time together and get some fresh produce. It is so much cheaper than at the grocery store and we feel good about supporting local farms. Win win win.

Joel and I are trying new ways to save money...one way is going to Kroger because it's super cheap and they have really good deals. And this week they had a sale on all baking supplies so I got to make a semi-homemade apple pie. I cheated on the crust but I did use apples from the farmer's market instead of buying apple pie filling.

We saved about $10 this week from our budget which is going straight into our Fair Fund. That's right-the money we save is going to fund our N.C. State Fair craze. Bring on the guilt-free deep fried oreos and corn dogs!

In other news, school is going a little better. I have a couple of challenging students, so if you could pray for that. I just need wisdom and lots of love to pour out to them. I need to remember that they are just children. Phew. It's hard. But I can see that this is definitely a ministry and I need the LORD to help me, because this is not Mrs. Orr's classroom, it is His. Thankfully, I have gotten some parent volunteers this week. YAY!

Crown is going really well. I love being in a Bible study together. Our memory verse this week was super long but really great. Let's see if I can remember it:

Everything in the heavens and earth is Yours, O Lord, and this is Your kingdom. We adore You as being in control of everything. Riches and honor come from You alone, and You are the ruler of all mankind. Your hand controls power and might, and it is at your discretion that men are made great and given strength. 1 Chronicles 29:11-12.

P.S. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post last week. For the few people that read this...I am not angry or judging you if we don't agree. I don't have all the answers. And I don't think either candidate has all the answers. I am thankful that the Lord is in control of everything.

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