Monday, October 27, 2008

Kroger makes decent queso dip

Let me tell you, after last week, I needed a relaxing weekend with no work.

Friday afternoon, I told my kids that I was leaving right after school for the beach, so they needed to pick up their papers and push in their chairs and generally clean up because if not, Monday morning would be clean up time. I think I scared them a little, but really I should be asking for that everyday. Because I'm not their mamas. I clean up after them too much.

So I left at 3:30 on the dot and generally had an amazing weekend with Meredith girls. Beautiful weather, great conversation, and lots of sleeping. I got to catch up on my book, Three Cups of Tea, watch Medical Mysteries with the girls, and blow my budget a little. But it was worth it.

I got home last night, spent some quality time with the hubs ;), went to Whole Foods and Quail Ridge Books, ate a quick dinner with the in-laws, caught up on the news from the weekend and new posts (hilarious).

Today went ok. The morning is generally ok, but the afternoon always falls apart with a couple of kids. It's really frustrating. I think they just stink at transitions. I have started reading The Witches, which is so fun and creepy and October-ish. Plus Roald Dahl is amazing.

The end of the quarter is on Monday which means crunch time for Mrs. Orr. Ouch.

Today I came home to find the hubs passed out, sick. I made some curried kidney beans, which he woke up for, and we have been watching TV and "surfing the web" all night. Which brings me to the title of this post. I didn't make enough for dinner, and we had to supplement it with chips and queso. And Kroger's queso isn't as gross as you'd think. Who woulda thought.

Tomorrow is backwards day for spirit week at school. This could get awkward.

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