Saturday, October 04, 2008

The time has come...

I'm actually quite nervous right now as I post this. I, like Laura, have really thought about whether it was beneficial or not to post my political leanings on such a public forum. But after today, and some deep convictions, I think I have a responsibility to post what I feel now very strongly about. goes.

Joel and I have have independently chosen to support Obama. At first, I respected McCain a lot. I thought he was so different from the rest of the GOP, which I felt tied religion to politics so closely to some it seemed indistinguishable. I thought he would take a stand against the corruption that ran rampant during the past 8 years.

But I slowly changed my opinion of McCain. I think his choice of Sarah Palin was quite frankly a ploy to gain more attention. She is clearly not ready to be 2nd in command. I don't agree with his health care plan, which is more of the same and doesn't solve the root problem. It is such a HUGE problem in our country and a simple tax credit isn't enough. There are many more reasons but I eventually decided that I wasn't going to vote at all.

I talked to Joel, who has always been very political, and he supported my decision.

But then this crazy thing happened and I started to agree with Obama.
Let me tell you why:

1) Health care. The problem is so large and something must be done. I agree with his plan which can be found here

2) Foreign policy. Yes, the war has turned around. But our reputation in the world is ruined. How can we engage other leaders to change some dangerous places unless we first end the war, go after those who really attacked us, and then TALK to people. When I work with children, it is clear to me that how I approach them seriously impacts the outcome of our interaction. When they are wrong, it does nothing to escalate the situation. Things must be turned around with diplomacy first. Then we can gain the right to fight. But not before.

3) Social issues. I am a social conservative, for the most part. But I strongly believe that most of these things are symptoms and the root of the problem is our hearts. The church is told not to judge those outside the church, but to be vigilant inside the church. I believe that most of these issues involve things that Christians should worry about in "our own house" and know we are not responsible for those outside. If you don't agree with gay marriage, outlawing it will not change their hearts at all. It is for the law to decide, not the church, unless it is inside the church.

I do believe that children should have sex education. It is idyllic to think that families talk about it in responsible ways, but most don't. And sex education of another form is in every child's face when he watches television or listens to the radio. It's out there, and we have to work on it in the home but understand that so many don't, and often those children are the ones who really need it.

I also believe that sex education that makes people responsible for their own decisions is the real answer to our abortion problem. I am very pro-life, but I think the problem is so much greater than one law.

I think that the real issues are health care, childcare, the cost of living, poverty, etc. that make abortion seem like the easier option. We need to have support before and after, not just laws that will send women into hiding to have dangerous, illegal abortions.

4) Most importantly, I think we need to support those who the Bible commands us to help: the needy, the poor, the ones who have nothing left. The Lord will take care our our needs. We have enough. We cannot look to those who are in poverty and tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

As Christians, we have a duty to fight against injustice, not just here, but around the world.

I agree with so many of Obama's stands on the things that are most important. I don't agree with everything. But I think that we have to make decisions that don't just impact our wallets or our church but the greater good, the cause of justice, wisdom in dealing in a global community. I encourage you to think critically about the issues. It doesn't bother me when we disagree, but it bothers me when as Christians and citizens we aren't thinking critically about the things that will affect the entire world.

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