Monday, October 20, 2008

One more post

I just needed to post about the things I am thankful for.

I've been discouraged lately at school and really anxious about things in here's my thankfulness post.

1. Marriage.

I used to be so scared of it, and for anyone who is like me now, let me tell you-marriage is wonderful. Here's why:

-a partnership. We make decisions together and we help each other with the little things (the dishes, vacuuming) and the big things (choosing a retirement plan, working through spiritual issues). We are not fashion experts, but I love that I can walk into the living room and ask Joel, "Cute or frumpy?" and he'll tell me honestly. I love that because I have this huge aversion lately to cooking meat, I am now the veggie preparer and the dish washer.

-a friendship. We laugh together a lot. We talk in silly voices or make jokes all night. We look a stupid websites. We watch old sitcoms. We run errands. We go for walks. We eat our weight in fried fair food. We are best friends.

-a romance. We aren't the most romantic people, but the little things make a huge difference. A book from Quail Ridge on my new favorite topic or a back rub or cooking dinner for me when I just can't get up-that is romance. It is wonderful.

-a confidant. I love that I can tell Joel anything. He is such a good listener. We definitely have our arguments, but we try really hard to keep those "lines of communication" open. We talk a lot-about anything. Even though right now we're in bed with our computers ;) Actually, we are both going to bed so late. So we decided that tonight we are going to get in bed with our computers early and then hopefully we'll go to sleep earlier. We'll see! We both just looked at each other with a smirk. We are so 21st century.

-protection. I don't think about this a lot, but tonight when I was drying my hair, all the lights in the room cut off, along with the hair dryer and heater. I called out to Joel a few times and he didn't answer. I had just gotten out of the shower but I ran into the living room (after freaking myself out!), and Joel was there. He couldn't hear me. I know my imagination is crazy, but I was so thankful to see him! He fixed the fuse box and also said I didn't have to be scared. I love having a husband.

2) This house. We are so thankful for this house. We talk about it all the time. It is such a blessing in so many ways- the location, the size, the price, the comfort. Truly, we are blessed.

3) Our jobs. We are really happy with our schools and love our jobs (even on our worst days).

4) Our small group at Crown. We've discussed how much we have learned from Crown in just a few weeks. It's great to learn from all these people.

5) All the things from my previous post. When I look around the house, I can see so many blessings. We are so thankful for the gifts given to us. I can look in our bedroom and see the bedding given to us from my bridesmaids, the bed from his parents, the mirror from my much love :)

All in all, I just need to be thankful!


I wanted to post one more thought, and it's off this topic. I've been really troubled with this election. I came to my decision through various things, and maybe I just look at things differently. I feel like I weighed the issues, and am still doing so. I am really troubled by the issue of abortion, but I'm also really troubled by other things on the republican platform. I just wanted to say that I am not staunchly anything. I think that my primary allegiance is to a "King and a kingdom." I am having trouble transferring the things I believe to be right to a secular, earthly government. I have no idea how a Christian can arrive at this decision easily. If you have, please let me know. I just don't think either candidate is perfect or a savior. I also know both are politicians. Neither are completely honest. There are things I feel like important on both sides. This is not a one issue election. How do we rationalize the other things away, you know? Does this make sense?

To anyone that actually reads this, I welcome your input.



Jennifer said...

Dom, THANK YOU for sharing the pictures on your blog of things that obviously mean so much to you & Joel. You are both so wonderful, not perfect I'm sure, but wonderful. I love that everything you shared has such a special place in your hearts. That is EXACTLY perfect for you two! Love, Jennifer Kromhout

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I know I just posted but I was trying to figure out how to respond specifically to your post about the election and couldn't so I'll just respond here. I agree with you that it is COMPLETELY confusing to choose a candidate as a Christian. Everything Barack Obama says sounds so good but.. when I tie that in with what my parents taught me it doesn't work. I come from a very middle class, somewhat blue collar family and my parents were of the belief that what they earned should be for their family and their discretion as to how to spend that money. Having said that, unless there are things I don't know about, I don't know what my parents necessarily gave to help those in their community who weren't as fortunate as they were (of course we moved around a lot so their sense of community may have been lost). But I DO know that They didn't have the heart of a someone following Christ. So, know that whatever vote you cast will not solve ALL of the problems of this world, we know that only Jesus will do that. However, you need to vote based on what you believe will be best for the whole world, not just a segment of it. And even then, no politician is going to solve all of our problems. BUT, you should vote. People have fought, and died, for the right to vote so we have to take the commitment that they had seriously. Dom, don't overthink it; just go with your heart. You are a good person and any vote you cast will be done with good intentions. Love, Jennifer Kromhout