Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday post

Let me just say...Joel and I went to the fair yesterday with Will and Christine...and it was incredible. We split a lot of things between us so 1) we didn't blow all our $ and 2) we could try more things!

Our combined (between the four of us) food:

-biscuits (ham and sausage)
-deep fried oreos (my favorite!)
-fried snickers
-fried pecan pie
-fried mac and cheese
-frozen cheesecake dipped in chocolate
-fried twinkie
-fried cheeseburger
-roasted corn
-candy apple
-ice cream
-kettle corn

I love the fair.

Today we did the nursery and I got over my perpetual fear of changing someone else's baby's diaper. Almost. Mostly because I didn't have to change any today.

Joel and I are trying this new thing. It's called buying food we actually want to eat at the grocery store. I'm very excited about our menu this week. We've been saving a lot, too, so we were able to go to the fair without taking out any extra money.

I have a lot more to share about school, but for now, I need to eat!


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