Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's been a while...I know.

Last weekend some friends and I went to the beach to visit Laura and Grace Elizabeth. It was such a refreshing girls' weekend...the weather was amazing and we were so relaxed.

I have a couple of friends on Weight Watchers, and we talked about it a lot over the weekend. They totally inspired me to join! I have been struggling for years with an extra 10-15 pounds. I felt really good before the wedding, but I still didn't feel super healthy. Since then, I've gained a little weight and I'm just sick of it.

It's been pretty good this week. I've been on Spring Break for most of the week, so I've been able to cook a little more. Even with Easter lunch today, I've been tracking all my points. It's hard to write it all down, but I don't feel like I'm dieting. I just feel like I'm not getting seconds, making some better choices, and keeping better tabs on what I eat. This week, I've lost 1.2 pounds!

Tomorrow is a teacher workday and I have 9 more weeks of school before SUMMER! Too bad spring fever has already started-it's gorgeous outside!

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