Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The third kid???

So this morning a boy in my class told me that today was his last day. His parents are divorced, and he let me know that he was moving in with his dad for good.

I was so sad all day because this is the THIRD kid that has moved away this year. I just got really attached to this kid.

I was extremely concerned because the divorce was messy, and I know he loves our school. I was especially worried because I had just seen his mom yesterday and she hadn't said a thing. I pulled him aside and asked him when he found out. He said that his mom had told him this morning and that it was a surprise. I wasn't sure he had gotten all the details, and the first kid in my class that said it was his last day ended up staying 4 more weeks.

Today was Career Day, so my class was in presentations all day long. They were really bored, and after lunch, they were bonkers. We third grade teachers weren't exactly thrilled with our students by the end of the day. It got to be ridiculous how much they were talking and how embarrassing it got.

We got back to the classroom at the end of the day, and I had to lecture my class about how disappointed I was. I had them read quietly for a while.

I was quiet for a while, and then before the bell rang, I announced, "Today is apparently Chris' last day. We're really going to miss him so..." The kids were really surprised...and then Chris yelled out:


Honestly, he got me good. I had to laugh. I was so impressed that he had kept it up the WHOLE DAY, even when I ask him really teachery-concerned questions about his home right now.

I got suckered!

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