Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I can't wait to go to sleep and then wake up and cook sausage and eggs and make coffee. I am trying my hand at eating a large breakfast. Joel says I eat too little in the morning and then I eat too much at lunch time and then I crash and then I put on my super cranky-pants in the afternoon and Joel says I am crazy.

not to be mean though.
because he still loves me even though i get crazy.
also. i wake up too early in summer time but nothing will get done unless i do. but this is contributing to my cranky-pants-iness. today we went to the pool and i fell fast asleep while tanning the front of me. the fiance said i was mouth breathing and everything.

so tomorrow i am still waking up early but i am going to eat lots of calories and protein. and drink coffee.

then drag my butt to planet fitness.

then run some errands.

then run more errands.

then a couple more.

today, we got our marriage license and a mattress. two things that say-"we are really getting married." i recommend the original mattress factory, but i know only a teeny bit about mattresses so my opinion means very little.

also, tonight we had girls night (finally). i love talking about anything and everything. and oreos.

also, i have stopped wearing pants and taken to wearing dresses and skirts. mostly i like how my legs feel free. it's like how i hate wearing shoes. i now hate wearing pants. too confining.

i have no desire to be a nudist, but i understand why people do it.

next week we will be setting up la casa. the following week my family comes into town. after that, we will be in charleston. then i will be setting up my classroom, then teacher workdays, then i will be mrs. orr, 3rd grade teacher extraordinaire.

seems like time is flying by.

i try to "not blink" and really enjoy the moments i have. laughing with my parents. tanning at the pool on summer vacation. running "engaged" errands with the boy. making plans for fun things with the girls.

and before you know it, it'll all be here.

when did i become a grown up?

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