Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One thing that bugs me is that when I try to sleep in, I can't because I wake up at 7:30 and have to pee so bad I think I might die. And then I'm up, so I might as well get ready for the day. But today, I managed to get up and go back to sleep, and I consider this a huge accomplishment.

Also, as of today, I cannot find a candidate I can support, and so I don't think I will vote. I kept going back and forth and weighing the issues (and I did actually look up each candidates stance on things) and maybe later I will change my mind or find a candidate that I can feel good about supporting, but right now I am not voting. And I think the old me would have gotten very angry at the new me's decision, but I feel like voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

In other news, yesterday Joel and I scrubbed the kitchen. Well, he organized things because he likes to do that and put on some hot dishwashing gloves and Cloroxed everything in site. We also went to Target and bought various cleaning/organizing supplies and we had to buy shelf liners because the wood is impossible to clean-it's like unfinished and splintery. SO Target now has a couple of actually cute designs (this ain't your grandma's shelf liner anymore) and he picked out the polka dots. Hooray! We also bought a very cute red pail in which to store our new red kitchen gear. I will take pictures soon.

We feel very blessed to have this place because it's super affordable and we can grow in it a bit, and although it's not the newest or fanciest thing, it's perfect for us now.

Today my jobs include cleaning my house and taking out the trash and tutoring Cassie again :)

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