Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kelsi Wilson Told Me to Title My Posts

Today was a very busy day.

I need to find a place that will color copy the wedding programs at a reasonable price. Kinko's was way too much, so I need to go somewhere else. I went to Kinko's and the very nice man helped me figure out my program and printed one and then told me how much it was each ($1.18) and I told him I could not do that, so I left. And then I realized that I had not paid him for the one he had made me. And while I know it's not that big of a deal, and I knew he'd tell me not to worry, I had to go back in and offer. But I didn't have to pay $1.18 and for that, I am thankful.

The rest of the morning included last minute errands for Laura's baby shower, which was this afternoon. I sincerely hope she liked it because we really did :) We got her a diaper genie-the greatest invention of all time. And also Christie and Mere made the coolest cake I've ever seen. Too bad my camera batteries died. Hopefully Laura will post pictures and I will steal them.

After the shower, I was exhausted. But I packed up some presents we received last night and some Swedish Fish I got for Joelie and drove to his (our) place to drop them off. Then his parents took us out to dinner at.... dun da da dun...Lilly's! It was fabulous, although they have changed their bruschetta make-up and I can't figure out how.

Then we saw Father of the Bride and I cried twice and Joel's mom cried too and I know it's silly but I think it really echoed all the feelings I've had lately. I get so sad when I think about leaving my parents, and I know they are happy for me but I can tell they are sad too. It won't be the same, even though we'll still spend time together, things will be different. It's weird to think I'll be sleeping in this bed for only 6 more nights. I feel like I'm growing up and it kind of blindsided me. I wasn't expecting all these emotions. Getting married is a huge responsibility and commitment but it also seems so ordinary. People get married all the time. I feel like I should be so much more logical about this. But I get so sad to leave and not be in my childhood room anymore and not be home when my parents get off work and not stay up late with my mom watching reality TV and eating ice cream or running errands with my dad. It breaks my heart.

But then I think of spending my life with my best friend, and how excited I am to finally be together and have many more freedoms, and to walk through life together and grow up together and fall more in love. That makes me understand that it's hard to leave your house, but that it must happen, and that I now cleave to my husband. Less than a week away folks.

Also, I hit my head today, between the car door and the door frame and I have two big bumps on my head. And I tried to cry but I couldn't but that really hurt, Charlie.

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Kelsi said...

I wanted you to know that seeing your title was my first "out loud laugh" this morning! You crack me up!!

And I completely LOVE Father of the Bride. We seriously we need to have a movie night. I think you are going to be busy for the next few weeks, not completely sure, but give me a call when you are settled in.