Thursday, June 26, 2008

Being at home during the summer while most of your friends are working means you get time to do things like:

-Sleep in a little bit
-Go work out
-Buy cleaning supplies
-Organize and label reception decorations for our wonderful friends who are decorating for us during our wedding
-Scrub the kitchen floor
-Prepare for tutoring this afternoon
-(Maybe) Pick up the bridesmaid gifts that are in!
-Pick up a now altered dress!

All in one day!

Seriously. I love vacation.
And I realize I am still pretty busy but this is all stuff that I really needed to do and it is such a blessing to have time to do it all.

I am so thankful that I was basically handed a job in the classroom I had been in all year, and I only had to work an extra month and I got as much money as I would have made working at the Y this summer. I also had plans to work in the autism lab and do summer research before getting married. What was I thinking? I am so glad that I didn't work (for once). With my classroom job I didn't have to take another job. Thank the Lord. It's so amazing to see how the Lord is making things fall into place.

yay :)

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