Thursday, June 05, 2008

tonight is International Night at Wiley and I am currently bummed at my extreme lack of summer attire, specifically pants. I suppose I really shouldn't complain, but all my clothes fit kinda funny because I am a different shape than I used to be. So I think my first big purchase when I get a real teacher paycheck is going to be good clothes.

I made an awesome mix last night of my favorite music, but I put it on a CD-RW. It didn't work in my car...does anyone know why? I went and bought some CD-Rs this afternoon so I could listen to the mix on the way back to school tonight, but I did get to listen to my favorite album, Caedmon's Call Share the Well. This album always reminds me to serve and love others because I get SO far from that.

P.S. 98 degrees (and I don't mean the band) hit Raleigh suddenly this week. Thus my desire for summer pants.

I am currently searching for a copy of the poem "Dare" by Langston Hughes on the internet, but I can't find it anywhere.

Back to watching Jon and Kate plus 8 and tearing apart my closet...

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