Tuesday, June 03, 2008

let the wedding festivities begin

This weekend my wonderful bridesmaids threw me a lovely shower. I got some fabulous gifts for my newly found desire to nest. I'm pretty excited to put it all together, and I think we'll start with the story people print. Seriously, I might decorate our whole house with these prints...and just so I'm being legal, it's from storypeople.com

This one is so perfect for Joel and me!
And to stay true to my British roots, we had tea and finger food, which were, if I may say, superb.
Overall, I'm super thankful for the awesome friends and family I have. And I even got a tea set!

Later on that evening, we found a florist who is awesome. And then I went to see Joel. He surprised me with gorgeous sunflowers and a Whole Foods meal-bread, muenster cheese,
blue corn chips and pineapple and mango salsa, strawberries and blackberries, and red wine-all organic and delicious. So we fixed our spread and watched the Simpsons, which is so us. Then we went to Michael's and got freaked out at crafty people. I will never be a scrap-booker or candle-maker. Unless I decide I want to forever log family memories or make our house smell like citrus lemongrass.

In other news, my time at good ol' Wiley School is coming to a close. There are only 5 days left (not that I'm counting...) But seriously, I will miss my first class (even if they weren't really mine). But I'm also extremely, and I mean extremely ready for summer va-cay.
A month off with some odd tutoring and babysitting jobs, interspersed with tanning and spending large amounts of money on wedding festivities. Okay, so it's not totally vacation, but I will appreciate waking up a couple of hours later and spending some quality time with the fiance.

My funny story about a child:
I was putting my hair into a bun while reading with a 1st grader, and he stopped reading, motioned as if he was putting up his hair, and said "You know, I care about my hair-do, too."
It was incredibly difficult to hold in my guffaw.

Also, I have learned:
1) I would be a horrible music or kindergarten teacher.
2) This is because I do not know all of the instruments in the music box or how to conduct show and tell.
3) Kids step on your toes when you were flip flops and it hurts.

off to finish watching office re-reruns and get to bed at a decent hour!

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The Robinsons said...

Yay, welcome to the blogging world!
I just love your student story, I hope many more are to come!!!