Friday, June 13, 2008

Today was a crazy day.

I babysat from 8-5:45.
I walked them to the playground, about 20 minutes away, in a 2-seater jogger. It was hot and I was wearing a black shirt.


We got to the school and it was LOCKED and took me 15 minutes of walking around to find the entrance.

We get there, and we are playing, and the little one (almost 2) gets too high on a playset. So I jump up to get her, and I hit my head HARD on a monkey bar. I really though I had given myself a concussion.

I sit down...and my legs cramped up. So I get her off the playset and I start walking around. I'm limping horribly and my head is throbbing and I am clearly distressed. I'm not sure if the other family there didn't notice, but they never approached me.

I almost start crying but it was too the point that it hurt too bad to cry.

And then I started to feel really sick. Like a cold sweat and I'm shaky and I sit down and everything goes really quiet, and I see white spots everywhere. And meanwhile the little girls are just playing. I thank the Lord they were ok and didn't get hurt. I couldn't do anything. I thought about calling the dad or my mom but I didn't want to worry them. I called Joel but he didn't answer.

I prayed that the Lord would help me.

I sat still for a while, and praise God, I was ok!

I have a bump on my head, but it's ok :)

We had lots of other adventures....included a big nasty diaper that cut nap time in half,
but I did get paid a lot so I will go buy my wedding accessories this week! ;)

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