Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So I'll start with the bad news and end on a high note :)

On the way home today, I turned right on red at a red light camera intersection...and it went off on me! I am FURIOUS. I am just praying that I don't get a ticket because Joel and I just did our budget and our insurance is low because we have no tickets...I will be so mad if my stupid error means I have to pay a ticket.

Now for the good news:
I found a wonderful tailor-Lee's Tailor at Triangle Town Center. I had a bad experience at David's Bridal because my dress doesn't fit right and I didn't think they understood what I wanted. So I went to Lee's and really, they are still working on it but it was so much less expensive and faster.

Joel and I both are on vacation this month before the wedding. We spent yesterday at the gym, then running at Lake Johnson and then going to my pool. We even had time to write thank you notes and get ice cream. Today we went to the gym, ran, and canoed (hooray!). It really is amazing how much better we feel about ourselves and each other and our relationship in general when we are healthy and active. It is so hard to believe that I will be single for 31 more days...and then we are getting MARRIED. I know people get married all the time, and it's not really that big of a deal to other people, but it is SUCH A BIG DEAL to us. I never thought I'd be getting married right after graduating, but I guess the Lord's plan was different than mine. And it wasn't really surprising at all to Joel ;)

I get to start moving things into my classroom tomorrow but I don't get to really set up until we get back from the honeymoon. I am teaching 3rd grade and really....I'm not sure what to start with, but thank the Lord I have a couple of friends who are also first year teachers in 3rd grade.

Joel called...later gators.

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