Sunday, June 08, 2008

I know I will look back on this time of wedding planning fondly. It can be really fun to pick out pretty things and coordinate colors and, of course, spend time with my mom. It's fun to be the bride. It's fun to watch wedding shows and decide what kind of party I want to throw. But really. I think when that day is over, I'll be content to just get on with married life.

Speaking of, I have caught the nesting bug. I am dying to decorate. It's the weirdest thing.

Who would have thought?

Also. I was reflecting. When Joel Houston Orr appeared as my noonie that Tuesday afternoon, would I have ever guessed we would be married 4 years later?

Sometimes life is funny. I couldn't have planned this one out.

Today I also booked our hotel for the honeymoon in Charleston. I cannot wait.

2 more days left teaching as Miss Montagne!

The next time I enter a classroom, I'll be Mrs. Orr.

dat's crazy.

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