Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting married means you spend a lot of money.


It's worth it.

We've pretty much stuck to our budget and the Lord has blessed us with some surprise gifts from our parents. It just seems like things are falling into place and I am so thankful.

Laura and I went to the pool and Joel met us there. I think I finally got some sun.

Then Joel and I met at Meredith and coordinated the ceremony logistics with Lauree's mom (so great that she is the event coordinator!)

We went to the arboretum and brainstormed for the reception and got one more hour added to the reception (YAY!)
We are also going to have a slideshow, we think, because there's a big screen and we figure we should put something on it. I hope we have enough pictures.

We had some time to stop at Whole Foods and Joel got this amazing plate of food from the hot bar. Ratatouille, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, and tuna casserole. Mmmm. He bought some other groceries so we ran to his house to put them away before going to meet Patrick. Because Joel drives a stick shift, and we didn't have time for him to sit and eat, I was going to literally feed him while he drove. So I took the OPEN plate of food in the car, and of course I somehow spilled it ALL OVER ME. I was so mad I yelled a bad word. A) It was from Whole Foods and delicious and their food is expensive and I felt so bad that I had dropped Joel's dinner (he was really hungry) and B) It was hot.

So thankfully, I had a change of clothes so I ran back inside to change. When I came back to the car, all that food was gone. Joel had taken his fork and eaten it off the floor and seat of the car. He said it was delicious. I totally understood. It was not the kind of food you just throw away. And really, Joel was not in the least bit upset about it. He really is very patient. It seems like I spill things all the time!

Then we met with Patrick, got our program figured out and the logistics of the ceremony. We decided to have communion during the service, and I'm really excited about that.

Basically, we have really enjoyed spending time together lately. I feel like we are getting glimpses of what marriage will be like and we're working on developing a very strong friendship.

31 days :)

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