Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just thought I'd share...

I found this list of qualities a school administrator should have here:

* Smile frequently and genuinely. * Ask how your staff is doing, and listen to the answers you get. * Share information about your personal life, but don't overshare. * Hold meetings only when absolutely necessary. * Create an atmosphere of trust through small gestures, and never make it seem like you're trying to catch your staff doing something wrong. * Compliment your teachers in writing after a classroom walk-through and in public as often as possible. * ALWAYS have your teacher's back when a parent makes a complaint. Reprimand the teacher privately if needed, but create a united front to outsiders. * Take on some of the district's demands yourself, rather than hoisting them all on teachers. *Don't create additional paperwork. *Make "a trip to the principal's office" something to fear for unruly children, and non-threatening for teachers (not the other way around).

And I realized how thankful I am for the administration at Joyner...because those are exactly the qualities they have! I was at Wiley last year, too, and felt very comfortable with the principal, assistant principal, and IRT. Working at the Y has also spoiled bosses, for the most part, have been phenomenal role models that I really enjoyed working for. I am just so thankful to have had these people in my life...and in authority!


Angela said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for sharing some of my ideas on yours.

I LOVED your post about Elijah, by the way. I'm writing a devotion right now for my other blog ( and am going to link to yours in it when I'm done. I didn't think anyone else in the universe was reading I Kings right now! God showed you an entirely different message from Elijah's life, and I love that. I think people will enjoy reading about both. :-)

meredith* said...

i liked that, i think it applies really heavily to me!