Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tomorrow marks...

6 months of marriage! This is a big deal, I understand, only to wives, and not to husbands, but still! Halfway through our first year. Considering they always say the first year is the hardest, and we still love each other, I'd say I'm pretty excited ;)

I absolutely love TLC shows, especially Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 17 and Counting.
Today I watched "A Very Duggar Wedding" and it got me thinking about the "in sickness and in health" part of the vows.

It ends up that Joel needs surgery on his knee. It will be a good 3-6 months before he is "back to normal" and that is quite daunting. Today at the gym, his knee gave a little while he was lifting. To compensate, he somehow threw out his back. He said he spent 10 minutes in our driveway trying to stand up! I am really sad for him and how much pain he is in. I know it's frustrating to have been so healthy and active and take care of your body so well and it just give out.

One thing Joel and I knew going into marriage was that I have little patience for sickness, in myself or in him. I am very aware at how selfish this sounds, and I'm just being honest about one of my many flaws. The Lord is teaching me how to be supportive and encouraging right now, because Joel can't do as much as he used to be able to do. We don't go for many walks anymore, and he is trying to help out as much as he can around the house but sometimes he's just in so much pain.

So please pray for his healing and for me to be an encouraging and loving wife.

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Daniel and Robin said...

i'm actually a high school friend of Laura's...and a while ago stumbled across your blog and realized you are married to Joel - we had a few education courses together at NCSU.

So, now that you know I'm a total blog stalker, I just thought you should know that my husband and I dealt with this exact situation in our first year of husband had to have reconstructive surgery 7 months after we were married - we were both still in college, and only holding part time jobs to support each other.

It seemed so daunting, but the Lord provided. You have a wonderful perspective on life and I'm sure you and Joel will come through this wonderfully, and closer than ever! In times of struggle and need, you two will continue to grow stronger as a unit, particularly if you keep Christ as your center. Good luck with all that is to come!

(Hope this note from a stranger isn't TOO weird for you...just wanted you to know that others have been there too! :) )