Friday, January 02, 2009

A picture a day...

Kelsi Wilson has the fabulous idea to take a picture a day in 2009. So I've decided, although I'm not really the best at keeping resolutions, I'm going to try this one.

So here's my picture from yesterday:

Seems a little boring (and wrinkly) but I'm so happy that Joel (and Tyler) put up these curtains! more staring a blank white blinds!

Today's pictures are from my classroom. I decided to give you a little tour of my room to start off the year.

This is the front of my room. On the whiteboard is the Promethean board that makes my job so much easier.

Morning message for Monday.

Bulletin board with class jobs.

I was so organized today and made copies of morning work for Monday. I though I could put the finished ones on my classroom door.

This is the back of my room, and those cabinets hide my desk. I totally recommend doing this for 2 reasons:
1) I never sit at my desk during class time because I can't see the class.
2) I can keep my desk however I want and it's unseen.

My desk. So sad.

The side of a cabinet: notes to myself.

I like this because it's "my" space. Generally, no one goes back there. Although I have seen a parent poke around a couple of times...

This is what the reading table looks like on a teacher workday. Or a planning period.

This has saved me so many headaches, because instead of being interrupted by 15 questions during reading groups, I get about 15 sticky notes thrown in my face.

It helps.

Well, I have a messy classroom but there it is.

I have some funny videos of Grace Elizabeth, Laura's sweet little girl, but I'm not sure how to shorten them. Anybody know?

G.E., do you know?


Angela said...

Thanks for the classroom photos- I always enjoy looking around other people's rooms!

Kelsi said...

I LOVE that you are going to take the 365 pictures in 2009 with me!! I have fantastic news ... this semester I get home from classes on Tuesday's in the afternoon so I am available for girls night. Let me know if I am still invited ... I miss all you fantastic ladies!!