Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The hubs is fast asleep, but I wanted to steal a couple of seconds to write before a very early bedtime...

Sometimes I struggle with enjoying things fully. I do complain, but also, I am always aware that they are temporary and I have a slight guilt that accompanies so much of "secular" things I do. I am trying to make every moment, from making breakfast to brushing my teeth, an opportunity to worship (and to really view things from that perspective) and tonight, I really enjoyed spending time with Joel.

I spent what seemed like forever making a big dinner and then I cleaned up the kitchen, all while listening to the Jars of Clay EP and the Jon Foreman EPs (amazing). I LOVED it. And right as I was wiping up the last crumbs, my BFF walks in the door with sunflowers. Love.

Tonight, I laughed until I cried and my stomach hurt, and it wasn't at YouTube. Joel and I had some ridiculous joke going for a good 30 minutes.

I'm reading 1 Kings. I've been listening to A Heart Like His by Beth Moore on my iPod and this picks up the story. Do you ever wish there was more detail in the stories? Like in 1 Kings 11, I just wanted to know more about his 700 wives and 300 concubines and how he died...and I know that it is the perfect Word of God, but I guess that's just the girl in me.

Time for an early bedtime! Pray for Joel's knee to be healed...he had an MRI on Tuesday and we're just waiting for the results.

Night night.

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